Pre Med programs

Are you aspiring to become a medical doctor in future? Are you looking at your possibilities in joining a med school? Then, if you have done adequate research, you must have heard of something called a pre med program. This is a program that gives you all the pre med requirements that you must meet before enrolling in a med school.

What are these pre med requirements, you ask? A pre med program, to begin with, will take you through one year of English training. A superb knowledge of the English language is vital for a student wishing to study medicine in the United States. This is because all the training that is done in medical school is done by English and this applies to the lectures as well as the notes in books. If you don’t have a good comprehension of English therefore, med school will prove to be very hard for you and your chances of successfully pulling through it are very slim.

A pre med program also gives a year’s training in each of the three branches of science, which is biology, physics and chemistry. Med schools carry out their selection processes largely based on the science subject and the better placed you are in them, the better for you. In fact, the GPA that you get in the sciences pre med program forms a core part of the score that you are going to be judged on in the selection process.

The reason why sciences are among the pre med requirements is pretty obvious. Medicine is all about science! First, medicine largely applies biology because it is basically the study of the human body and the various biological processes that occur within it. Without biology, medicinal study would simply not take place. A good comprehension of this discipline is therefore important before starting out in the actual med school.

Yes, it’s obvious that biology is an integral part of medicine, but where does chemistry come in? Why is it a compulsory in a pre med program? Medicine is also about drugs that are used to diagnose various ailments. A good understanding of chemistry is important to understand the chemical composition of these drugs and therefore able to do proper diagnosis. If you are not good in chemistry, you are definitely going to have problems in the chemical aspect of medicine.
Organic chemistry, however, is a branch or chemistry that is addressed on its own in a pre med program. A year’s course in it is one of the pre med requirements.

Physics is also vital when it comes to medicine. There are many principles of physics that are employed in the making and operating various medical equipments for example.

Along with English and sciences, another area that a pre med program focuses on is a year’s course in any advanced mathematics. A good example of such is calculus.
Therefore, for you to have a good chance in getting into med school, you need enroll in a pre med program first. It takes just a single year, of which I bet is not much. Be patient and go through a pre med program to build on your chances of getting into med school.